The Leavitt Group

Powers-Leavitt is in partnership with the Leavitt Group Agency Association, Inc. (LGAA). The Leavitt Group is the 15th largest insurance intermediaries in the nation.

The Leavitt Group
In 1952 with one company appointment and no clients, Dixie Leavitt opened an insurance agency in Cedar City, Utah. By the decade's end, Dixie had thousands of clients throughout southwestern Utah and southern Nevada.

When Dixie and his brother, Bert, incorporated Leavitt Insurance Agency (Las Vegas, Nevada), Dixie owned 60% and Bert owned 40%. Other ventures mirrored the 40-60 arrangement as Dixie and other co-owners invested in and created agencies in Utah, Arizona, and Nevada; the on-site manager owned 40% of the agency and the Leavitt family owned 60%.

Leavitt Group Enterprises, Inc. was formed in 1962.

Dixie built the Leavitt Group on a foundation of able and trusted co-owners and desired that each agency have independent strength. Dixie trusted co-owners to hire good employees, nurture insurer relationships, increase sales, write business profitable for insurers, control expenses, strengthen profits, and build an adequate capital base within the agency.

The Leavitt Group realized the potential strength in numbers as more agencies affiliated with the Group. The Leavitt Group Agency Association, Inc. (LGAA) promotes multi-agency strength to maintain insurer relationships, provide benefits to employees, and support other group-wide services (such as E&O Coverage).

Since year-end 1989 the Leavitt Group has grown from 29 agencies to over 70 agencies in over 100 locations. Annualized premiums have climbed from $8 million to $1.2 billion. Throughout this period of growth and success, agency profitability ratios have remained well above industry averages.

Leavitt Group Enterprises continues its pattern of carefully expanding into new areas by working with qualified individuals to create or acquire independent insurance agencies and to recruit effective producers.

* According to Business Insurance Journal (July 2007).

The current Leavitt Group
Headquarters, located in
Cedar City Utah.

Dixie Leavitt, Founder
of the Leavitt Group

The Dixie Leavitt Agency
is located on Main Street
in Cedar City, Utah.

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